Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri


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   Born:19.03.1975     Photo: Liv Øvland

2006-2009       Oslo National Academy of the Arts, BA
2004-2006       University of Oslo, Study of Esthetics   
1997-2000       DTK Art School, Bærum

Solo exhibitions/projects:
2020   "Overcover - Undercover"      The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, Torshavn, FAROE ISLANDS
2019   Anniversary exhibitor, Buskerud,  Østlandsutstillingen (annual exhibition of the eastern region) 40 years anniversary  Kongsberg Kunstforening, NORWAY
2018  "Jeg kler meg/ergo er jeg?" Group show  +   solo show going on tour      Kunstvisitten,   Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm, NORWAY
2017  "Uncontaminated 2017"   Art and Fashion Festival, Mellomstasjonen/The National Museum,Oslo, NORWAY
2016  "Constraint where placed on the circulation of clothing"     Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer, NORWAY
2016  "Inside - Extra"                  Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen, NORWAY
2016  "Surgo"                              Kunstparken, Risør, NORWAY
2015  "Close(d)"                         Bærum Kunsthall, projectroom, Fornebu, NORWAY
2015  "Modify"                            Kongsberg Kunstforening, NORWAY
2015  "Needless"                        Trafo Kunsthall, projectroom, Asker, NORWAY
2015  "Procrustesbed"                Det Gule Huset, Nesbru, NORWAY
2014  "Caught in the web"          Ram Galleri, Oslo, NORWAY
2014                                            Kunstløa, Nome county, NORWAY
2013 "Uncustomized"                  Kunstmuseet Nord Trøndelag,  NORWAY
2012 "Living in a box"    display cases in the city Sandvika,    Bærum,  NORWAY
2011                            display cases at Oslo Bussterminal,     Oslo,  NORWAY

2011 "You are never fully dressed without a smile"  Galleri Blakstad, Asker,  NORWAY

Exhibitions (selected):
2021 "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends"   curator : Tijs Visser    8th Socle du Monde Biennale     Herning, DENMARK. (Postponed from 2020 to 2021)
2020  Royal Society of Sculptors "Summer Exhibition"     curators: Robert & Nicky Wilson      Dora House, London, UK
2019  "Make sense together"       Vega Scene, Oslo, NORWAY
2019  "Novemberutstillingen 2019"  Lychepavliongen, Drammens Museum, NORWAY
2017 "Telemarksutstillingen"         Ibsenhuset Skien & Kragerø, NORWAY
2017 "Sommerutstilling 2017"       Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen, NORWAY
2017 "Stipendutstilling 2017"        Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen, NORWAY
2016 "Novemberutstillingen 2016"  Lychepavliongen, Drammens Museum, NORWAY 
2015 "Novemberutstillingen 2015"   Lychepavliongen, Drammens Museum, NORWAY
2015 "Stipendutstilling 2015"      Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen, NORWAY
2014 "Det potensielle rommet"     Dikemark sykehus, Asker, NORWAY
2014 "Nide Veze"    Centar za culture,   Mostar, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
2014 "The wearable artshow"     by Kreuzberg Pavillon from Berlin at KNIPSU, Bergen, NORWAY
2014 "In a lonely place"    KUBE art museum,   Ålesund, NORWAY
2014 "Østlandsutstillingen"   (annual exhibition of the eastern region)  Kunstbanken Hamar, Buskerud kunstsenter, NORWAY
2014 "kunst rett vest"    open studios and group show, Fossekleiva,  Berger, NORWAY
2014 "NOoSPHERE Arts’3rd Anniversary Show & Benefit Auction,    NOoSPHERE Arts, New York, USA

2013 "Craft 2013"     The National Museum of art, architecture and design, Oslo,  NORWAY
2013 "The Spring Exhibition 2013"      Kunsthal Charlottenborg,  Copenhagen, DENMARK
2013 "Novemberutstillingen 2013"      Lychepavliongen,  Drammens Museum,   NORWAY
2013 "Ytre rom og andre rom"     Bærum Kunstforening,   Sandvika, NORWAY
2013  Huntenkunst 13      Ulft, THE NETHERLANDS
2013 "A house full of friends"    NOoSPHERE Arts,  New York, USA

2012 "Novemberutstillingen 2012"     Lychepavliongen, Drammens Museum,   NORWAY
2012 "There is a place, there is a house, there is a room"     DTK project gallery, Bekkestua,  NORWAY
2012 "International juried show"        Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, NORWAY &  NOoSPHERE Arts, New York,  USA
2012 "Lost Garden 2012", BKiB collaboration with HOK,      Henie-Onstad Art centre, Høvik,  NORWAY
2012 "kunst rett vest"  open studios and group show,     Galleri Trafo, Asker,  NORWAY

2011 "The Norwegian sculpure biennal 2011"      Vigeland-museet, Oslo,  NORWAY
2011 "Craft 2011"    The National Museum of art, architecture and design, Oslo,  NORWAY
2011 "Novemberutstillingen 2011"      Lychepavliongen, Drammens Museum,  NORWAY
2011 "kunst rett vest"    open studios and group show, Sundland, Drammen,  NORWAY

2010 "Essens 2010 NKs - theme exhibition"     Kunstbanken, Hamar &  KUBE art museum, Ålesund,  NORWAY   
2010 "Østlandsutstillingen"    (annual exhibition of the eastern region) Østfold Kunstsenter, Fredrikstad & Peder Balke senter,  Øvre Toten,  NORWAY

2007 "Paperwork"     DTK project gallery, Høvik,  NORWAY   

2006  "..med hjerte for husflid"    husfliden 115 år, Oslo Town Hall gallery,  NORWAY        
2006  "jubileumsutstilling"   (anniversary exhibition)  Tegnerforbundet( The Drawing Center of Norway), Oslo,  NORWAY

2018          Government Grants, 10 years work grant for established Artists
2018          Art Councils Projectgrant
2017         "Stipendutstilling 2017"   for BBK og NKBu, Grant sponsored by The Relief Found for Visual Artists
2016         Art Councils diverse grant,  The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists
2015         Art Councils exhibition grant
2015         "Stipendutstilling 2015" for BBK and NKBu, Grant sponsored by The Relief Found for Visual Artists 
2015         1 year specializationgrant, Norwegian Association for Applied Art
2014         Risør county art grant 
2014         Travelgrant,        Norwegian Association for Applied Art
2014         Art Councils diverse grant  
2013         Office for Contemporary Art,    International Support
2013         Kanalstipendet, Nome county
2012         Travelgrant, New York          International juried show, Galleri Ramfjord
2012         award - most significant piece at Novemberutstillingen 2012,Drammens Museum
2011-13    Government grants for young/newly establ. artists , Norway, 3 years (NK)

Public collections:
Buskerud Kunstsenter - the work was given to Kongsberg Municipality and are now part of the permanent collection shown at the city library
Den Norske Husflidforening
Other art related work:
2019 Artist talk, anniversary artist, Østlandsutstillingen, directed by Buskerud Bildende Kunstnere, Kongsberg Kunstforening
2019 Dissemination of Østlandsutstillingen, visit by Kongsberg Norsksenter at Kongsberg Kunstforening
2018 Dissemination of mye project "...til i dag" directed by "Kunstvissitten", Akershus Kunstsenter, visiting institutions in Akershus county throughout the year 2018.
2018 Mini seminars " Art in Psychiatry" & "Art on prescription", direkted by "Kunstvisitten, Akershus Kunstsenter.
2018 Artist talk at Drammens Museum directed by Kunst Rett Vest
2016 Artist talk "Materials", seminar on crafts - the development in Agder. Kristiansand
2016 Dissemination of the exhibition "SURGO" at  "Kulturnatt", Risør
2015 Artist talk, Bærum Kunsthall

Interview: Culture Trip 2018
Interview: Scandinavia Standard, 2017, DK

Presented in the book «Textileart around the world», Publisher: Ellen Bakker, Textile-link    2014, NL



Work presented in «Aesthetica - The art and culture magazine»,    June, 2014, UK

Royal Society of Sculptors UK, NK (Norwegian Association for Applied Art), NBK (The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists), Norwegian textile Artists, BBK (Buskerud Artist Association)